• The Fenix TK35 is a portable, extremely high-intensity, multifunctional flashlight.  It is a very powerful LED flashlight for its size. The model is the first to use the revolutionary Cree XM-L LED that is the most efficient LED on the market. This makes the TK35 one of the brightest LED flashlights in its class.

    Fenix TK35 Specifications

    The construction features of the Fenix TK35 flashlight include a 6.46 in/16.4 cm long barrel, with a body diameter of 1.72 in/4.32 cm. The flashlight’s head is 2 in/5.1 cm in diameter. The unit weighs 9 oz/0.26 kg. The body of the flashlight is crafted from Type III aircraft-grade aluminum with a hard anodized finish. The body style has a unique flat handle design that is anti-roll and comfortable to grip. The head of the flashlight has a toughened, ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating. The flashlight is waterproofed to the IPX8 design standard (waterproof to 3.2 ft/1 m continuously). It is impact-resistant to 3.2 ft/1 m. The unit’s Cree XM-L LED is rated with a 50,000 hour lifetime. The LED’s digitally regulated beam maintains a constant brightness so the user won’t have to deal with a dimming beam as the battery discharges. A nylon holster and lanyard are included. The flashlight requires four lithium CR123 batteries (recommended). It can also use two 18650 batteries, though Fenix recommends using this battery type with caution.

    A High Output LED Flashlight

    The Fenix TK35 is a high power LED flashlight for its size. The flashlight has two modes of operation, General and Flashing, with six different outputs. It can also be momentarily activated. Four outputs can be obtained in the General mode: (1) Low at 12 lumens—170 hr run time; (2) Mid at 109 lumens—16 hr run time; (3) High at 346 lumens—5 hr 6 min run time; and (4) Turbo mode at 820 lumens—1 hr 33 min run time. The Flashing mode offers two outputs: (1) Strobe at 820 lumens; and (2) SOS at 109 lumens. The different modes allow the user to select the best compromise between brightness and runtime for any given task. The maximum beam length is 1,092.5 ft/333 m. The peak beam intensity is 27,739 candelas. 

    Operating Modes

    The Fenix TK35 is activated by two buttons on the tailcap of the flashlight. The large button is the power switch and the small button is the mode switch. Depressing the power switch lightly activates the Momentary mode. Depressing the power switch fully locks it in the “on” position. When the flashlight is turned on, it automatically enters the General mode. In the General mode, momentarily depressing the mode switch changes the brightness modes in the order of Turbo—Low—Mid—High. Depressing and holding the mode switch activates the flashing mode. While in the flashing mode, depressing the mode switch again changes between the Strobe and SOS modes. The flashlight memorizes the last General mode used when turned off, so that when it is turned back on it returns to this level of brightness (no need to toggle through the modes to get to the mode you were previously using).


    The Fenix TK35 is warranted for two years after purchase.

    The Advantages of an LED Flashlight

    An LED flashlight is ideal for a light that gets used on a daily basis. You don’t have to worry about breaking the light, since there is no glass or filament, and you rarely have to replace LEDs because they can last a lifetime. The low power usage of the LED technology also means that your battery power will last much longer than with a regular flashlight bulb.

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